Bonus Fashion Friday Post: Bloomies Denim Sale

I got back to my hotel room here in Seattle and discovered this email waiting for me in my overflowing inbox…

designer denim sale

Designer denim discounted at Bloomingdale’s now! 15% off one item, 25% off two or more items; ends Sept. 21.


This is the sale where I usually stock up on my designer jeans. I’ve been known to pick up 2 or 3 pairs so I can take advantage of the 25% off sale. Can you get better deals? Yes, if you wait and watch they will often get marked down to 40% off — but not the entire denim department!! So if you want a great selection and a good price, this is a great sale to take advantage of.

I am fully stocked on denim at the moment, but I wanted to be sure to share this with you in case you’re in the market! I know I often link to Nordstrom, but I have had as much or more success buying jeans at Bloomies. They have free shipping on orders of $150 or more, unless you’re a Loyalist, in which case you get free shipping on any order. Returns are free for all online orders, loyalist or not. So there’s nothing to lose by trying a few pairs!

Here are my top picks… 

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Good Morning from Seattle! #CoffeeTalk


Well, I’m here and feeling chipper and well-rested this morning, despite the fact that I was up from 4AM ET till 10PM PT yesterday without much of a nap — does 30 min on the plane count? As much as I hate the stress of air travel, I love waking up in a posh hotel… 

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Must Have Boots for Fall 2014 #FashionFriday


I finally brought all my boots down from the attic this past weekend. The weather has suddenly begun to feel fall, and I cannot WAIT to kick this medical boot to the curb and start wearing fashion boots again! Every fall, this is one of my most popular posts. Everyone, it seems, loves boots. Boots are… 

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Baked Pumpkin Donuts w/ Pumpkin Spice Glaze


The leaves are starting to fall and you can almost smell the change in the air! Fall is on its way! It’s Colleen here today, and I will be the first to admit I didn’t want the summer of 2014 to end, however, once fall began to emerge with its glorious crisp cool mornings and… 

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My CVS Photo Book is HERE! #CVSPhotoFun


Last week I told you how you can go to CVS and use their Kodak Kiosk to transport your photos from Facebook and Instagram into a gorgeous photo book. I picked up my photo book over the weekend, and my family has been enjoying it ever since. I couldn’t believe how quickly it came, even… 

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Nothing New in the World #CoffeeTalk


So I saw the doctor to follow up on my blood work, and he said everything looked great and basically dismissed me and told me I could come back in a year. I know I should be pleased. Everything looked great. Even my Vitamin D level is within normal range, although he advised I take… 

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The Best Laid Plans… #CoffeeTalk


Yesterday I had an appointment at the elementary school so I got it in my head that I’d stop into my favorite cupcake shop and get a dozen cupcakes to take to the staff and teachers at school. I envisioned passing them out to the office staff, dropping in to meet the new nurse and offering… 

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Fashion Over 40 | Daily Mom Style 09.17.14


This week it went from summer to fall, practically overnight. You will definitely see that illustrated in my outfits this week! We went out to dinner one night last week and I decided to pull out a maxi skirt in lieu of my usual jeans. I would typically feel like this outfit needs a colorful top,… 

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Probiotics and Gut Health


If you’ve followed along here for any length of time, you know that I’ve struggled with gut health for many years. It was really bad after my 3rd child was born. My doctors placed me on medication, which I struggled for years to eliminate and finally succeeded — largely due to changes in my diet, but also because… 

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September Glossybox #BeautyBuzz


This month, in celebration of Fashion Week, the Harper’s Bazaar beauty team curated the newest GLOSSYBOX to pay homage to the decade of the 90s. Yes, that’s right. Evidently trends have moved right through the 80s and into the 90s with deep purples, metallics and creamy complexions emerging, both on the runway and off. I, for… 

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Cramming. #CoffeeTalk

coffee shop

I feel like I’m cramming for a final exam. Yesterday I sat at my computer for the better part of 12 hours, tapping away and today will be much the same. I’m trying to prepare 2 weeks’ worth of posts in 3 days. Actually, make that 2-1/2 since I will be spending the better part of Wednesday… 

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Avocado Bean Salad #RealFoodRecipes


I made this avocado bean salad for our Labor Day cookout and it was an incredible hit. The flavors of fresh corn, bell peppers, tomatoes, lemon juice and cilantro totally create a party in your mouth. And it’s beautiful to boot!! Everyone loved it . . . well, all the adults, anyway. You want to… 

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Real Food Recipes Roundup Week 24

Real Food Recipes

Welcome to the Real Food Recipes Roundup, a collaboration between Musings of a Housewife and Sassy Moms in the City! I’m still eating pretty much gluten, grain and sugar free. So far I haven’t felt deprived. I do notice that nuts and things bother me more than they used to so my biggest challenge is… 

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Third Time’s A Charm! #CoffeeTalk


Well, third time’s a charm! I discovered the diagnostic lab was open for a few hours on Saturdays so I got myself over there yesterday morning right when they opened. There were already a few people waiting, but it cleared out fast and I was in and out in 30 minutes. So yay. That’s out… 

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And just like that, it’s fall. #CoffeeTalk


I took this photo yesterday. They’ve already started cutting down the corn — a sure sign the end of summer is here and fall is on its way. Soon that field will be bare. I can’t believe how the weather has changed in the past 24 hours. I woke up this morning and had to put… 

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