Tried and True: Chicken Gruyere

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Chicken Gruyere one of our favorite “special” dinners, and I didn’t realize I hadn’t shared it with you yet! I found this recipe years ago on, and it has become my stand-by special company dinner. But Chicken Gruyere is also great for the family.  My husband and kids DEVOURED it last night.

Here are the ingredients. It’s all pretty basic stuff that you can get at any grocery store. You will probably find the gruyere in the specialty cheese section.

Since I’m all out of the boneless chicken breasts that I get from the farm, I picked up some organic, free-range chicken at Trader Joe’s.

You start by chopping up the onions and mushrooms.

Set those aside, and prepare the chicken. I like to slice through them to make them thinner. You can also pound them, but that’s too messy and I don’t bother.

When that’s done, you can mix up the flour and salt and herbs.

Now it’s time to assemble.  Melt some, okay, LOTS OF butter in a stainless steel Saute Pan. No, seriously, you do need a lot, especially if you don’t use nonstick cookware (I do not recommend nonstick cookware; it’s toxic). Be careful not to heat it too high; you don’t want to brown the butter.

Then dredge the chicken in the flour.

Coat it well on both sides, shake off the excess, and then put it in the pan.

Brown it well on both sides and then remove it to a baking dish.

Now, in the same pan, add more butter, and cook the onions and mushrooms a few minutes until they start to soften.

Yum scrum. I love the smell of onions and mushrooms sautéing in butter.

Okay, next, you pour in the wine. Make sure to pour a glass for yourself, while you’re at it.

Simmer for a few minutes, and then pour the whole mess of it over the chicken in the casserole dish.

And pop it in the oven! While it’s cooking, shred the gruyere. I just used a box grater on the coarsest side.

After the chicken’s been in the oven about 20 minutes, take it out, spread the cheese on top, and return it to the oven until it’s all melty and delicious.

I served it with a side of herbed new potatoes and green beans.


    • Jo-Lynne says

      LOL. My daughters do. My son does not. My youngest LOVES mushrooms and she ate all of hers, all of my son’s, and then begged for more. My other daughter cleaned her plate. Now my son HATE onions with a passion and he pushes the mushrooms aside. Fortunately they’re easy to scrape off. :-)

      • Kim says

        I registered for that class on picky eaters today….hope my day will allow me to watch it. Recipe looks great…..will try. Just wanted to know if you had a secret to getting your kids to eat mushrroms and onions. Actually if I am honest with myself dont think I liked mushrooms and onions at 11 years old either.

        • Jo-Lynne says

          I’m sure I didn’t either. I don’t push it. I just serve them, and they eat what they want and leave the rest.

  1. says

    Yummmm! That looks yummy!
    Unfortunately my husband like neither mushrooms or onions AND we’re cutting back on butter. How fun are we?

    Anyway thanks for sharing! I will have that glass of wine tho! ;-)

  2. says

    Jo-Lynne, May I ask what kind of wine you used?

    I’ve heard two schools of thought; one is to use good wine, because when you are cooking with it and concentrating the flavor, you want something that tastes good to start with. That makes perfect sense to me, but I’ve heard others say that it doesn’t matter.

    We are not drinkers in this house (not that we see anything wrong with it, necessarily, in moderation, but we just never have bit the bullet and bought any–in 10 years of marriage, can you believe it?) so I would have NO idea what to buy. I have a TJ’s about an hour and a half from me, and I’ve heard their 3 buck stuff is really good. Can you give a girl some help in this predicament?

    This looks delish!!

    • Jo-Lynne says

      Hey Devin. My parents don’t drink either, and my mom keeps those little 4-packs of Sutter Home around for cooking purposes. The stuff at Trader Joe’s would be fine, but then you’d have a whole bottle to contend with.

  3. Anna says

    Jo-Lynne, do you think I could use boneless, skinless chicken thighs for this recipe? I don’t usually have chicken breasts on hand as the whole family prefers the dark meat.
    I’m sure my children would scrape off the mushroom and onion bits too, and then my husband and I would be “stuck” eating their portions of the good stuff!! Hee hee.

  4. B says

    I tried this recipe and got a great reaction from my family. This is officially one of our dinner “staple” meals for the week. Thanks so much! So easy and yet full of flavorful.

  5. Emily Groth says

    Yum! I will definitely be trying that recipe! By the way, an easy way to pound out chicken breasts is to put them in a gallon-size ziploc bag, zip it shut, and then pound them out. You’ll be left with a slightly abused baggie, but that’s the beauty of it being disposable :)
    Keep the delicious recipes coming!

  6. says

    I’ve been making this for years. I got the recipe from an old Food Editor’s Favorites volume. It is soooo delicious! Though, it’s not been on my menu much lately because my son HATES mushrooms and onions. And my daughter is the same way, she’ll eat everyone’s mushrooms and onions!

  7. Jason says

    Great recipe, I did not have any wine so I substituted with red wine vinegar and a little olive oil. Came unit delicious.

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