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what makes you feel loved

My last press trip was one of my more stressful travel experiences in a while. I’m usually pretty lucky at the airport, but the last two trips I made (ironically, both to California) involved a cancelled flight. And not just a cancelled flight that was easily re-routed. Both flights were cancelled without another good option,… 

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Dishwasher Woes


My husband is gifted. He can fix anything. He can put together anything. He can trouble shoot anything. Just give him a task and leave him alone for a few minutes, and he will figure it out. He’s the type to throw away the directions that come with unassembled products. He’ll put them together with no… 

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Our Official Anniversary Day!

anniversary 2007

Today is our official anniversary.  (Happy Anniversary, Babe!) Dinner at Ruth’s Chris last night was divine.  I had the Petit Filet with the lump crab and hollandaise on top.  Yum-Yum-YUM!!  Our meat came still sizzling on 150-degree plates, and who had to touch them to see how hot they really were?  I’ll give you a… 

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