Diet, Exercise & Sleep and Fitting It In


I’ve often wondered how much my newfound passion for running has affected my digestive health and overall well being. Desperate to get relief from gastritis, IBS and reflux, I latched onto the real food lifestyle after reading Michael Pollan’s In Defense of Food back in 2009. By focusing on eating real foods sourced as locally as… 

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What I Eat

tuna salad

On the heels of my post on tips for going gluten-free, I got several comments and requests for more specifics. Susanne writes in: i have to go wheat free dairy free starting september 1 and i’m kind of freaking out! is there any way you could do a post that lists things you eat for each… 

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Tips for Going Gluten Free


This week I got to share my gluten-free story, along with my tips for getting started off on the right foot, over on A Bullseye View — the blog that gives a behind-the-scenes look at Target’s most exciting partnerships, events and innovations. Going gluten-free, like any new lifestyle, has its fair share of challenges. When I… 

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