Beef: What To Buy

beef to buy featured

When I first discovered the concept of eating real whole foods and eschewing food products created in factories that come in bags and boxes, it seemed so simple. I thought I’d finally come onto a simple way to tell what you should eat and what you shouldn’t. And it definitely simplifies the issue, but it’s… 

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A “Real Food” Update

whole wheat pancakes

I realize that I haven’t written much about real food living in a long time. I am no less convinced about the benefits of real food than I was when I was writing about it regularly, but I guess I sort of feel like I said all there is to say. And to tell the… 

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Real Food for Beginners


Emily writes in: Hi there Jo-Lynne, I’ve been reading your blog for awhile now, and I must say, your passion for whole foods and the information you’ve provided has really been convicting for me. Eating organically has always been a goal of mine, but long put-off mostly because of affordability and being single, so I… 

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Sick From Raw Milk

Raw Milk Sign

This is a post I hoped I’d never have to write. And honestly, I will admit that I considered not writing it. But I know that I have to. I owe it to you, after all I’ve written on this subject, to be completely honest about what has happened, so that you can make an… 

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