French Toast Waffles

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Love French Toast? Love waffles? You will LOVE these French Toast Waffles. They’re actually easier to make than French Toast because you don’t have to drag out your griddle. The waffle maker gives them the perfect soft insides and crunchy outside that makes French Toast so delish. And of course, it has all those delightful… 

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Nutella Waffles

nutella waffles featured

Did you know that today is World Nutella Day? I can’t imagine a more worthy reason to post my Nutella Waffles recipe! It’s hard to imagine than just a year ago, I had never tasted Nutella. Then I was invited to participate in a Nutella blogging campaign, and I said yes and the rest is… 

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Gluten Free Cinnamon Banana Belgian Waffles


I’m doggedly preparing breakfast recipes as I try to fill the breakfast/brunch cookbook I’m working on. We tried these gluten free Cinnamon Banana Belgian Waffles past weekend with great success. I adapted the recipe from a few I found online. The combination of cinnamon and banana is absolutely delightful and makes the house smell wonderful. These are… 

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