Million Mile Run | Fight Childhood Cancer

Million Mile Run

Every day, 720 kids are diagnosed with childhood cancer. Does that freak you the heck out? It certainly does me. A few years ago, a little girl in my daughter’s preschool class was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor and went from being a happy-go-lucky five-year-old to undergoing dreadful cancer treatments practically overnight. She lost… 

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Organizing a Fundraiser? Check out!


This time of year everyone seems eager to find ways to give back, and particularly right now in our area in light of the recent devastation of Hurricane Sandy, many of my friends and fellow bloggers are organizing fundraisers and donation centers to help those who have lost homes and belongings. Going into the holidays, I expect to… 

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Noonday *GIVEAWAY*


This giveaway is closed! The winning number, according to, is #27.  Congratulations, Carrie!!! My friend Missy turned me on to these awesome accessories by Noonday Collection. The owner, Jessica Honegger, will use the proceeds to fund her adoption from Rwanda.  Read her story; it truly is inspiring. All of the accessories at Noonday are made by… 

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You Can Help

Of course you know about the devastation this week in Haiti.  Perhaps you want to give and have no idea where to start.  Sometimes it’s hard to know what charitable organization you can trust. I trust Compassion. I support a child through Compassion, and I have been thrilled with the communication I have received from… 

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