Real Food Recipe Roundup Week 2


Welcome to the Real Food Recipe Roundup, a collaboration between Musings of a Housewife and Sassy Moms in the City! If you’re looking for my gluten-free meal plan and recipe roundup, don’t run away!!! I have expanded the link-up to include all recipes made from real whole foods, not just gluten-free. And I’m super excited… 

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Holiday GG: Lisa Leonard Personalized Ornaments

lisa leonard ornaments featured

It’s a family tradition in our home to buy our kids their own Christmas ornaments each year. I’m actually continuing the tradition that my mom started for me. Because she gave me an ornament every year of my childhood, when I got married and left home, I had a whole collection of ornaments to decorate… 

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Holiday GG: Personalized Gifts with Initials, Inc.


Right now personalized and monogrammed accessories are a huge trend, and such a great way to update your personal style. I was recently introduced to Initials, Inc. – a fast growing direct sales company that offers amazing personalized bags, home products and gifts. Take a look at this handbag! Isn’t that adorable? I love the size and… 

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So You Wanna Make Money Blogging?


Everyone seems to think blogging is the newest get-rich-quick scheme. You start a blog, you throw up a few ads, and in a few months brands will start knocking down your door. Next thing you know, you’re living the high life, raking in the bucks while you sit on your ever-widening tush noshing on organic… 

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