Holiday GG: Lisa Leonard Personalized Ornaments

lisa leonard ornaments featured

It’s a family tradition in our home to buy our kids their own Christmas ornaments each year. I’m actually continuing the tradition that my mom started for me. Because she gave me an ornament every year of my childhood, when I got married and left home, I had a whole collection of ornaments to decorate… 

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What Makes You Feel Loved? {sponsored}

what makes you feel loved

My last press trip was one of my more stressful travel experiences in a while. I’m usually pretty lucky at the airport, but the last two trips I made (ironically, both to California) involved a cancelled flight. And not just a cancelled flight that was easily re-routed. Both flights were cancelled without another good option,… 

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Scenes from Easter

c and savannah

It’s been a while since I’ve posted photos of the kiddos. Just to warn ya, they’re HUGE. We tried to get a few good shots yesterday before the rains came. Naturally Savannah had to be in the pictures at some point. Then I realized that R hadn’t taken off her sweater, so when we got… 

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