Udi’s {NEW} Gluten Free Living Community

One year ago TODAY, I went gluten free. I’ve told my story many times. Everyone’s gluten free journey is a bit different, and there are many different reasons for trying the gluten free diet.

Some are Celiac — a disease that requires living completely gluten free for life. For some, even a morsel of gluten will make them violently ill.

Many others (like myself) try the gluten free diet because they suspect they have a sensitivity to gluten and they want to see if they feel better without it. They believe that eliminating gluten from their diet reduces joint pain, bloating, head fog, migraines, eczema, and more. A gluten free diet can even help those with attention deficit disorder and autism — not all, but some find that their symptoms are improved without gluten in their lives.

Is a gluten-free diet inherently more healthy than a typical diet? No, it is not. That is a huge misconception that I’d like to clear up. I don’t believe that gluten is inherently bad, just like dairy isn’t inherently bad just become some have a sensitivity to it.

It’s become trendy — this gluten free thing — which causes some to discredit its value or necessity. This is a shame because while there is a lot of hype as more and more people are discovering it, and some may misunderstand its health benefits; for many, living gluten free makes all the difference in their quality of life. I for one am thankful that there are so many gluten free food options available and that awareness is growing so that those who do need to live gluten free (and those who chose to) have options too.

That is why Udi’s Gluten Free Foods has partnered with BlogFrog to form a Gluten Free Living Community as a place for those who are living gluten free to gather and share their stories as well as gluten-free living tips and recipes.

udi's gluten free community

And I’m excited to share with you that I have been hired as a Community Leader! I feel so honored to be a part of this new community, as Udi’s is by far and away my favorite gluten free foods brand, and I know how important it is to have a place to share ideas and ask questions when you’re living gluten free. I’m already loving the conversations that are taking place over there. This is going to be a fabulous resource for those of us living gluten free and those who might be curious and want to know more about it.

You’ll see a widget on my sidebar that links to the community and is updated regularly with the latest discussions that are happening, so feel free to join us anytime and ask questions or join in the conversation.

To kick off our new community, Udi’s is hosting a Launch Party Live Chat tonight (November 15th) at 10PM EST.) Prizes will be awarded: bundles of gluten free bagels and a $150 Williams Sonoma gift card for one lucky winner. I hope to see some of you there.

Also, if you join the Udi’s Gluten Free Living Community and reply to this discussion with your favorite gluten free food, you will be entered to win an iPad2.

So come on over and see what all the fuss is about! Even if you don’t give a hoot about gluten, you should check out BlogFrog’s communities because there are so many, there is bound to be one that will interest you. (And they didn’t ask me to say that, I just thought you should know!)

Disclosure: I am a Community Leader on Udi’s Gluten Free Living Community, and I wrote this post as a part of that agreement, although I would be telling you about it one way or the other because I am so excited about it!


  1. says

    Going gluten free has been life changing for me because I feel so much better! My headaches, brain fog, aching restless legs, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia are gone.

  2. Carol says

    That’s great!!! I just found out my SIL is sensitive to gluten and you are the first resource I thought about. Happy to here the news of your new gig. I will pass along your blog to my sister. Much love and success!

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