Links and Shout Outs

1) What great advice from Da Momma. Treat Your First Like Your First – Motherhood is Not for Wimps.

2) THIS is why I’m so uptight about what we feed our kids and how many opportunities they have to eat junk, even when I keep it out of the house.  As if we needed further proof that what we eat really DOES matter: Cancer caused by modern man as it was virtually non-existent in ancient world –

3) And speaking of what we eat, I’ve recently taking on a new writing gig — posting at the Plan To Eat blog once a month.  Here’s my debut – Whole Foods for Healthier Meals.

4) I love Pauline’s post, The one about social media.  She is so bang on.  I never consult a phone book or watch advertisements (I pink puffy heart my DVR.)  I get all my information from Twitter and Facebook and other social media outlets.  I hardly even consult Consumer Reports anymore when making a buying decision.  I may take a look, but I buy based on recommendations from friends both in real life and online.  As Pauline says, “customer service-driven retailers and restaurants that aren’t taking advantage of social media’s word-of-mouth opportunities are making a big mistake.”

What about you?  Where do you get your information?

5) There’s an interesting conversation about celebrating Halloween going on in the comments on Stephanie’s post, October 31st (also known as “Halloween”).

Do you or don’t you? (Celebrate Halloween)

6) Finally, you must take five minutes and look through my cousin Ashley’s wedding photos.  Aren’t they exquisite?


  1. says

    I agree w/ Pauline (and you). Social media IS powerful. I use it to find recipes, decide on purchases, support causes, stay in touch with friends, and much, MUCH more.

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