The 21-Day Sugar Detox, Day 1

I know I said I wasn’t going to blog this every day, and I may not, but I’ll at least start chronicling my little adventure and see if there’s enough interest to keep going.

So I started The 21-Day Sugar Detox yesterday.


As I explained, this is about two things for me: losing a few stubborn pounds that I can’t seem to budge and resetting my eating habits which have gotten out of control lately.

I have an obsessive personality and I’m a compulsive eater. Once I start, it’s hard for me to stop. I can wipe out a bag of chips in a single sitting. If I have one piece of pizza, I’m going to have four. Cookies? Forgetaboutit. I can’t leave them alone. Going gluten-free helped some, but I eventually found plenty of replacement foods for my old favorites.

I’ve been told by doctors that I probably have Candida, which is an overgrowth of yeast in the gut that is fed by sugar. Simple carbs turn into sugar, so between my carbs and my sugar, I’m a dream host for that nasty little beasty.

I’m also pretty much an all-or-nothing sorta girl, so “cutting back” has never worked for me. I will cut back for a time but I always end up going overboard again. I really want to break the cycle, and I know that means retraining my habits and my taste buds.

I don’t know what will happen when this 21 days is over, but I definitely do not want to go back to eating the way I’ve been eating for the past few months to a year. Or really, ever. I’d like to move into a modified paleo type of lifestyle after this. But we’ll see.

I’ll need to learn a new way of eating and cooking if it’s really going to stick. That’s what I’m hoping this 21-day challenge will do.

A few people have asked if I’m going to use any artificial sweeteners.

No, no, no, no no!!! I don’t touch that nasty stuff. This program is based on a real food lifestyle. The author is paleo. So this isn’t as much about sugar as it is about eating an overall healthier diet. The focus on sugar is because sugar is addictive, and it is at the root of most of the diseases of modern civilization. If I can get myself off of sugar, everything else should fall into place. Or at least, I hope.

Day One Recap

So day one went pretty well. (I feel like I should have photos of each of my meals . . . or something. Oh well.)

I’m fortunate in that I’m pretty plain jane about my food, and I don’t mind repetition in my diet. If I find one or two breakfasts and lunches that work, I can sustain myself on those for a few weeks.

As for what I’ve eaten so far… 

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We Racked Up At The Rack Room


I’m excited to be partnering with Rack Room Shoes on this post about Back To School Shoes for Tweens. Our schools don’t start back until the day after Labor Day, but it’s not too soon to start thinking about our back-to-school shopping. For some reason, I always start with the shoes. Because our weather will… 

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Fashion Over 40 | Daily Mom Style 08.13.14


As I confessed on Saturday, I’ve been in a bit of funk. Nothing fits quite right and it’s taken a huge mental effort to make myself presentable even just a few days this week. But that’s life, right? So for better or for worse… here’s what I’ve got. I had no choice but to get gussied… 

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One Day Only: Lands End Sale 40% Off Backpacks!!!


Last week I told you about a great Lands’ End sale. Well, they’ve outdone themselves this time because TODAY ONLY, you can get Lands’ End backpacks for 40% off AND free shipping with my affiliate link!! UPDATE: it appears that the free shipping is only on FULL PRICE merchandise, so it doesn’t include the backpacks. However, any order over $50 going to… 

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Tria Age-Defying Laser Review: The Results


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Desperately Seeking A Healthier Diet . . .


But where to begin?? Real food… paleo… gluten-free… primal… vegetarian… Every time you turn around, a new study comes out debunking the last, and it is all so confusing that it’s tempting to put one’s head in a bag of Doritos and ignore all the advice. My friend Cathy send me this email earlier this week, and… 

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Keeping Memories Alive #LifeIsASpecialOccasion


I’ve talked a lot recently about how meaningful it is to receive a hand-written note — especially in this digital age because it’s so quickly becoming a lost art. But not only are snail mail and personal notecards becoming a lost art, so is handwriting. Some schools have even begun to eliminate handwriting from their curriculum, citing… 

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Real Food Recipe Roundup Week 19


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Striving for Gratefulness #OldSchoolBlogging


It’s really starting to get to me, this not having a good way to exercise. I almost forgot how exercise saved me from the periodic depression and general “funk” that I have fought with my whole life. But it’s creeping back now. So much of who I’ve become over the past few years was based on… 

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#BTS Tip: 40% OFF at Gap Friends & Family Sale

Gap 40 percent off

Today is going to be a fashion post extravaganza! Between the Back-to-School frenzy and all the End-of-Summer sales, there is so much to share! For starters, Gap is running one of their fabulous Friends & Family events. Get 40% off your purchase. Use code GAPFAM. Ends 8/10. Restrictions apply. That’s about as good as it gets at… 

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How to Wear a Maxi Skirt #FashionFriday

How to Style a Maxi Skirt

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Osso Buco Recipe {with Gremolata}


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Fashion Over 40 | Daily Mom Style 08.06.14


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19 Years #HappyAnniversaryToUs


Nineteen years ago, a 23-year-old elementary school teacher married a Philly boy and moved away from her childhood home forever. I barely resemble that girl today, and it’s not just because I had the good sense to grow out my bangs. Being married grows you and tests you in ways that nothing else can. Over the past… 

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