Because everyone should see NYC at Christmastime.


Guess where I was last night? Give up? I spent the evening at a swanky event at the Lola in New York City. SO. FUN. Hosted by Barbara Jones and Catherine Connors for Sole Society, a group of mom bloggers gathered for a fashionable evening of shoes, champagne, and chocolate. I mean, hello. Shoes, champagne and chocolate?… 

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How to Wear Ankle Boots

how to wear ankle boots | dansko buffy

After watching others wearing them with skirts, skinny jeans and even cropped pants, I finally bit the bullet and got my first pair of ankle boots. Actually, that isn’t entirely true. I had ankle boots — but I’ve always worn them under boot-leg jeans. Lately, though, ankle boots are popping up with all sorts of… 

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