Best Guacamole Ever


Many moons ago a good friend introduced me to this delectable guacamole recipe. It was the start of a beautiful but rocky relationship. We were the best of friends until one fateful night when I overindulged in this delectable treat and made my tummy very unhappy. This unfortunate incident was the first of many such… 

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Menu Plan Monday

chicken noodle soup

HOW did it get to be Monday again? And how annoying am I, starting every single Menu Plan Monday post with a variation of that first sentence? Last week I disparaged that we were down to bare bones in our freezer. (Ha. That’s actually a literal statement — I think all that is left, besides… 

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Tried and True: Chicken Gruyere


Want more tried-and-true family recipes?? Sign up for my email newsletter or visit my other recipe posts! Chicken Gruyere one of our favorite “special” dinners, and I didn’t realize I hadn’t shared it with you yet! I found this recipe years ago on, and it has become my stand-by special company dinner. But Chicken Gruyere is also… 

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