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We love movie night. It’s practically a weekly event in our house. The kids look forward to Friday night all week long. We always make homemade popcorn on the stovetop. I pop it in coconut oil and butter and sea salt — it is DIVINE. And in the wintertime I make my homemade hot chocolate to go with it. The hardest part is finding a movie all three kids agree on.

We rely on our Roku to have access to the best movies and TV shows so I was thrilled to hear that Target is launching their own video-on-demand service called Target Ticket!

target ticket

Target Ticket is a digital video service that gives guests access to over 30,000 movie and TV titles at home and on-the-go (think Netflix but with Target flare). You can read more about it on A Bullseye View.

The first question my husband had when I told him about it was, “Does it work with Roku?”

The answer is yes, it most certainly does! (It is also available on PC and MAC, Android and iOS, Roku®, Xbox, Samsung televisions and Blu-Ray players.)

There are no subscription or sign-up fees. YAY! You can rent or purchase movies and TV shows, depending on your needs.

Plus REDcard holders receive five percent off each purchase, and new users get 10 free downloads on select movies when they sign up. I just got my REDcard. I was holding out because we don’t keep a lot of store cards, but I couldn’t let that 5% go to waste any longer. I hooked it up to my bank account so it works as a debit card. It’s super easy to sign up, too. You just give them a voided check right at the cash register. Takes less than a minute — literally. You also get free shipping on their website when you’re a REDcard holder.

I swear, they didn’t ask me to tell you that. I just did it last week and I can’t believe I didn’t do it sooner!

But back to Target Ticket.

What I really love about it is that Target is partnering with Common Sense Media, a non-profit known for its reviews of TV shows and movies. I always go to their reviews before deciding whether or not to let my children watch a particular movie. The partnership allows Target Ticket to offer thousands of quality movie reviews, which makes it easy for parents to choose the right content our children.

And get this. You can customize user profiles and set filters for each family member to control the content you want your kids to be watching while still being able to watch what you want to watch. I LOVE THAT.

I signed up last night and it took less than 5 minutes. My husband found the Target Ticket channel on the Roku, put in my user name and password, and we’re ready to go! Movie Night, here we come!!!

Interested in trying out Target Ticket?

I have a $50 Target gift card to give away to one lucky reader!!

I’m trying something new and hosting this giveaway on my MOAH Facebook Page. You do have to “like” the page to access the giveaway, but I hope you “like it already! Make sure to add my Facebook page to your favorites so you’re sure to see my posts. Facebook is kind of stingy so you have to tell them what you want to see.


Is Target Ticket something you think you’ll try? Tell me what you think!


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    Yes, ma’am! We use Netflix, but we love Target too, so I’d definitely consider it. You talked about renting/buying movies, but what about the live-streaming option? How much does that cost? Just wondering if it is competitive with Netflix’s monthly cost of under $9. I do like the movie review options you described, and the ability to make settings for your kids. That would be SO useful. I clicked over to FB to sign up for the gift card — I hope I did it right … it didn’t ask me to “enter” or “submit” or anything. Thanks!!

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