Udi’s Gluten Free Brownie Bites

It’s no secret, Udi’s is by far my favorite brand for gluten free treats.

It is hard to find cookies or muffins that rival the real deal, but Udi’s manages to make not one, but three varieties of each that I absolutely adore.

Their snickerdoodles are by far and away my favorites, but I also enjoy their chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin cookie varieties.

And their muffins . . . it’s hard to name a favorite between their blueberry, chocolate and lemon varieties, but I buy the blueberry most often.

And I always keep my freezer stocked with their bread.

I’ve tried other gluten free brands, and I don’t even bother anymore. I’m all about the Udi’s.

Yes, I work for Udi’s in several capacities. I help with their blogger outreach, and I’m also a community leader at their Gluten-Free Living BlogFrog Community, but this post was completely spontaneous and not at all influenced by either of my connections to Udi’s.

This post is inspired entirely by these:

Udi’s has recently come out with a bunch of new products, and I’ve been anxiously awaiting their arrival at my local whole foods store. When I was there today, stocking up on muffins and cookies to take to Blissdom (Have you ever tried to eat gluten free at a conference? Not fun! I come prepared.) I spotted these among the other Udi’s cookies. I almost squealed for joy. The only question is, why did I only buy one box? That was stoooopid!!

I didn’t even wait till I was home to dive in. I broke into the package as soon as I got to my car and tried one.

They did not disappoint. These brownie bites are dense and rich and moist and chocolatey.

I could serve these to anyone.

But I probably won’t. I will probably keep them all to myself. Because they are that good.

If you’re gluten free or if you’re curious about why the heck anyone would live gluten free, feel free to check out our  the Udi’s Gluten Free Community website. And TONIGHT at 7 pm EST there’s an hour-long chat on gluten free party entertaining ideas, snacks, cocktails, gluten free celebrities and more! Maybe I’ll see you there!


  1. says

    I’m going to get these for my sister the next time I see her. She’s gluten free, and she’s really good about it, but it is always nice to have a special treat.

    Thanks for sharing .. I don’t think she’s familiar with Udi’s.

    Hope you’re having fun in Nashville!

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